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    Belize Investment Portfolio

    Once started, the system will generate an 8 Character Confirmation CODE. Please save this code in order to return to the application if necessary to continue an existing application and for reference by BelizeINVEST, BELTRAIDE.


    Please note that BelizeINVEST, BELTRAIDE, does not guarantee a successful match for any given investment project submitted to the Belize Investment Portfolio.

    At the end of the application, you will be asked what information you prefer to share with potential interests as well as your preferred mode(s) of investment promotion to be executed by our team.

    Also note that BelizeINVEST, BELTRAIDE can only promote investment projects that are legally permitted in accordance with the laws of Belize and that projects that are not legally permitted may not be considered for further promotion or matchmaking.

    Each investment project submission is subject to further feasibility studies and due diligence to be completed by any potential interest in further validating the investment project advancing any applicable negotiations.

    Please note that the purpose of the Belize Investment Portfolio (BIP) under BelizeINVEST, BELTRAIDE, is to promote your investment project to potential interests and the more details provided via the application, the more it increases your chances of potentially being matched with a viable interest.

    Please also note that by receiving an investment project submission, BelizeINVEST, BELTRAIDE, is in no way attesting to the genuineness, authenticity and novelty of the proposed investment project, the applicant or any other parties involved thereof and hereby disclaims all liabilities.

    Please note that BelizeINVEST, BELTRAIDE, is in no way conferring any license or right(s) to the potential interest and that their investment project will be subjected to the Intellectual Property Laws of Belize, namely the Copyright Act Cap. 252, the Patents Act Cap. 253 and the Trade Marks Act Cap. 257.